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If you always wake up at the same time during your sleep, you will need…

In TCM, every two hours our circulation will accumulate in one meridian line to recover itself, so if you have a meridian line and organ blocked, then the blood flush back to wake you up.

For example, people who have gallbladder meridian line blocked will always wake up between 11 pm-1 am.

Some people who have gallbladder stones may always wake up at 2:30 pm exactly the same time for a long time before they are diagnosed with gallbladder stones.

11pm-1am Gallbladder time

1am-3am Liver time

3am-5am Lung time

During this summer, the heart makes the heart works hard, people may feel arm sore and very light sleep as well, that from heart energy low.

Normally, every season changes or stress may make some problems for our sleep, which means the meridian line or myofascial line has some blocked, very similar to muscle spasm or temporary adhesion, it can go away itself.

But If you wake up at the exact same time for more than 3 months, you better do something to fix that. Because that means some adhesions or blocks really stay at one point between the myofascial or meridian lines.

Not to scare you, but in some cases, people have found lung or liver cancer they already woke up same time for fully one or two years before they were diagnosed with the problems.

But in the beginning, you only need some needles or some median line massage to correct the wake-up.

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