Cellulite Treatment

A professional massage helps to ease tight muscles and improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation throughout your body. By removing toxins and boosting blood flow, massage can help to improve the skin's appearance and make cellulite less noticeable.

Citrus Fruits

Effective, Natural, And Relax. 

It increases circulation makes your skin and muscle healthy first, works on organs’ meridian lines, balances metabolism and digestion, bringing you beauty and energy inside out. 

How do you get more cellulite?

The main reason is Stress and Posture. Stress is making your body prepare to fight and store fat more,  and different wrong posture with stress make muscles adhesion and turn out some areas easy store fat become bumpy or "orange" like skin


Why the cellulite treatment can help?

Only massage can do all the following things together:

Release adhesion of muscle

Increase circulation "melt" down the cellulite 

Remove the waste Realign connective tissue, skin recover elasticity and smooth

Tui-na massage can work on different meridian lines to help balance digestion and metabolism. 

For example, Some clients after treatment feel warm feet and hands, which are always cold before. Some client pees a lot after treatment. Some clients feel less hungry after 10-12 treatments, not feel like snacks anymore between meals.

What is the treatment like?

The treatment includes assessment,  tracking measurement or taking a picture to compare before and after if you are ok with it. Different areas and goals will be discussed with the client first. The area will be system treated, the best result will be shown after 3-5 sessions.  Massage techniques will be different for the different body types, Deep tissue for releasing the different layers of muscles, and Relaxing techniques focus on activating the parasympathetic nerve system and force your body to switch to  "digestion and rest" mode. And also Tui-na Massage for organs meridian line for balancing different organs energy.

After Treatment

You will be very sleepy, best have a nap at home after. Some clients report its last two days in "relaxing and charging" mode. Because the circulation and metabolism are rebalanced.

No cold stuff right after, may cause deep spasms, cause chronic pain in long term. (cold food, drink, or in a very cool place)


Digestion and lymph system change, after treatment. some clients report urine a lot after, or whole night urine several times, bowel movements, a lot of things out, may diarrhea for one or two times. Very hungry after, so better eat well before coming.


The result lasting

It depends. Some clients tell me the glutei are still tight and smooth from only one treatment one month ago. Most clients satisfy results after 3-5 sessions. And can stop and continue at any time.

The treatment is like removing the sand and stone in your meridian line river, or like clean stove ash in your metabolism stove. If you get enough treatment and good maintenance, the river start and keep flowing, The stove start burning and keep warm. And with good habits and posture, Cellulite is not easy to come back.


If you are curious, I recommended only treating one side body to compare the first time.  Then you will have some basic idea of the treatment and then decide whether to continue or not.


If you have chronic constipation, bad cramps, lower back problems, stretch marks from having a baby, sleep problems, or depression. Your belly and body parts will be full of a knot in deep tissue, hard tissue or very loose tissue. You will need more treatment. But you will feel improved with every treatment. Because of the massage techniques most Chinese Medicine balances health.