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Today I stir-fried lamb slices with a lot of fresh coriander, then washed the cast iron pan with water. After my lunch the pan became rusty. it surprises me that normally lamb greasy is hard to clean, so the iron pan with a lamb fat coating can not be rusty. So coriander helps me clean the pan too much, so the pan becomes rusty.

So if you eat some greasy meat like lamb, it is healthy to add some coriander to it.

Dr. Li Ni (ND) says coriander is good for the heart and digestion because it helps with blood sugar and lipids control and promotes digestion. Therefore, consider adding coriander to a heavy and fatty dish to get its benefits for your heart and digestion.

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Treatment for Frozen Shoulder is never easy.

In 1934, Dr. E. Codman used the term "frozen shoulder" in his original report on the condition, calling it"difficult to define, difficult to treat and difficult to explain from the point of view of pathology". Today the pathophysiology of the frozen shoulder remains unclear.

In Massage Therapy, Frozen shoulder, we will need a full assessment of the shoulder joint, differentiating from dislocation, acromioclavicular joint sprain, tendinitis, and glenohumeral osteoarthritis.

From our experience, the treatment must be with no pain, any pain will increase the inflammation, so after treatment, the client will feel more pain because of the swelling.

Second, we will use massage techniques for reducing swelling.

Also, we will consider whole-body postural unbalance, which will maximize the reduction of structure pressure on the shoulder joint, and make the treatment more effective.

Updated: Mar 2

It is a nightmare when you have a tension headache. Do you know that “tension headache is a muscle-contraction-type headache”? (Clinical Massage Therapy by Fiona Rattray, Linda Ludwig)

So if the muscles relaxed and the myofascial trigger points released, the pain may be much better.

Causes of tension headaches:

* trigger point stimuli and factors including trauma (to head, neck or spine), acute muscle overload, infection (such as sinusitis), fatigue, chilling of the muscle, referred pain and emotional stress;

* sleep disturbance

* postural imbalances

* Jaw uncomfortable from temporomandibular(TMJ) joint dysfunction

Our Massage Therapy Juncai (John) Zhou has excellent experience dealing with tension headaches.

If you are interested, you can book online:

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