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Tui-na Massage

Do you know that you can Get a Tui-na Massage(or needless treatment) instead of acupuncture


Do you know that when you get acupuncture treatment or Chinese Medicine treatment, you can actually get a massage instead?


In Chinese Medicine, first, you get an assessment( pulse check, face reading, look at your tongue), then you get needles or herb or massage, they can alternative each other.  different herbs can use acupuncture points instead and also can get a tui-na massage instead as well.


So if you have acupuncture insurance, and you don’t like needles, you still can get treatment, a massage or a needless treatment. It still can help with your different disorders or condition.


Introduce our acupuncturist Simi, she practice acupuncture and tui-na massage already 5years, and work in Chinese Medicine hospital in China 1.5 years as well. 


She works at Tuesdays and Sundays in JCJ Massage Therapy

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