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Chinese Fengshui and Orientation

In Fengshui, live different positions of the house may change a life.

What I learn is couples who want to create a Business must need live west-north side of the house, it can give you more energy to do that.

Just personal experience, before I live west position, I don’t want to work more than 4days, I feel like I need more time for rest and fun.

Last year I moved an apartment, the bedroom is west-north side. In Fengshui said, position will change your mind in 3years. After one year, I work 6 days a week now

I feel ok. I still learning and doing my research in massage, also running my Business ok as well. I don’t feel tired and pressured. I feel I like it.

I also feel if I retired will be boring, just eat and watch TV, I can’t play video games or travel all the time.

OK! If I still live west-north, that will be the rest of my life.

I feel like I am burning myself. That is totally not me before that.

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