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Happy wife, Happy life

Happy wife, Happy life

When I provide massage treatment to clients with arm pain, I told them: most time pain in the armpit (rotators cuff muscles) from anger, in TCM stress from liver will accumulate in armpit area, will be very painful and a lot of adhesions. And I will clear all the knots on the muscles back of their armpit , and they feel many releases from muscles and emotion as well.

"Happy wife, happy life."

"妇人之病,因虚积冷结气,为诸经水断绝,至有历年, 血寒积结胞门。"

"most woman conditions are from accumulating angry, cold, or weakness(lose blood when period), cause period stop, and block breast pathway, after years, period become clot block uterus"

After angry, will affect the hypothalamus, then some woman will stop period after a big angry, may last 2-3 month. And they can feel pain in the breast right away. Some people after a big angry can not lift their arm the next day.

So my tricks are my wife angry with me, I may massage her armpit and rib area, or give her some chrysanthemum tea. Or I will provoke her with some gentle poke, then she will punch me a lot in my arm and gluts. Then I asked her "how you feel"…….then I have a happy wife again. :)

By Jerried Yang RMT since 2015

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