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Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and Herbal Medicine by Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners


Did you have routine physical exams every year? Are you also interested in diagnosis by Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners?


To hear a different thought from the East to the West!


There are four main TCM diagnostic methods: inspection (observation), auscultation and olfaction (listening and smelling), interrogation (inquiring or questioning), and palpation (pulse examination, tongue examination). 


It is amazing that some Chinese medicine practitioners already know some of your health information just by touching the pulse of your wrist and looking at your tongue.  It is like an experienced farmer who can take a look or smell can know if the pineapple or watermelon is sweet or not, instead of using a machine to check how much sugar or acidity is in the fruit.


After examination, the TCM practitioner will make a prescription for herbs. These herbs are classified by their energy characteristics and taste properties, where a combination of different herbs is used to balance the body's yin and yang energy patterns. These formulas are packaged as powders, pastes, lotions or tablets, depending on the herb prescribed and its intended use. 


We encourage you to benefit from this powerful ancient natural remedy.


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