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Paediatric Tui-na Massage


This service is provided by our Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists who only assess and treat the pain of soft tissue and joint and prevention of physical function

What is Paediatric Tui-na Massage?


Pediatric Tui-na Massage is also called Chinese pediatric massage. It is a safe and gentle Chinese massage for kids that can help relieve various childhood ailments. 


It can help include:

Research-Based practise

Many ongoing studies prove the efficacy of Tui-na. For example, 2016 research suggests that pediatric Tui-na may be beneficial for the management of infantile fever. At the same time, previous studies show that this massage has therapeutic benefits for acute pediatric diarrhea. In another study, results reveal that Tui-na serves as a viable intervention for childhood anorexia.


According to the statistics of some clinical data in China, fever, diarrhea, cough, and anorexia, the total effective rate is around 94%-96%, and the cure rate is around 80%, within one course of treatment.

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