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Zhicheng(Jerried) Yang

Registered Massage Therapist

Jerried graduated from Tianjin Medicine University with a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2003, then trained in Chinese medicine theory in China in 2007, Jerried becomes a registered Tuina Massage therapist and advanced gua-sha therapist in China and practiced there until 2013. Once moving to Toronto, Jerried entered the massage therapy program at ICT Kikkawa College, and he graduated in 2015 and is fully registered and able to employ his vast experience and knowledge. He already has years of RMT experience working for the St Clair west community.

Thus Jerried is qualified in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, Tui-na massage, acupressure, Thai table massage, shiatsu, reflexology, cupping, gua-sha, cellulite treatment, and special abdominal massage.      With all the modalities Jerried offers, the treatments are beneficial not only for releasing muscle soreness or pain, and also for a deep level of relaxation,  making your body from "fight and run" to "digest and rest"


He has a great passion for his profession and finds it deeply rewarding to be able to offer therapeutic massage to clients. He would also like more people to experience the benefits of a massage treatment followed by Chinese medicine theory. That will be more health benefits, getting better digestion, better sleep, balance metabolism and immune system, chronic discomfort or pain. etc.

Zhicheng(Jerried) Yang
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