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Yunbo (Polly) Zhou


Zhou Yunbo hails from a family of traditional Chinese medicine. Fueled by her love and commitment to preserving this heritage, she has accumulated over a decade of learning in Chinese medical knowledge and techniques.

She graduated from the John & Jenny TCM College in Canada, where she earned her qualification in acupuncture. Zhou further honed her skills through clinical practice under the guidance of acupuncturists at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This learning journey laid a solid foundation in Chinese medical theory for her and provided a wealth of practical experience.

Zhou has her understanding of treating ailments like shoulder, neck, waist, and leg pain, dizziness, headache, post-stroke symptoms, dysmenorrhea, and overall body conditioning. She utilizes her deep knowledge of Chinese medical theories to offer tailor-made treatment plans for her patients.

After mastering professional acupuncture techniques, Zhou did not stop learning. She continues to organize and compile family recipes and formulas, a testament to her enduring love for Chinese medical culture. This passion is her driving force for ongoing learning, and she finds joy and fulfillment in the positive outcomes and feedback from each patient she treats.

Yunbo (Polly) Zhou
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