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Ming-Hsueh (Michelle) Hu

Registered Massage Therapist

Michelle is a skilled and compassionate massage therapist dedicated to helping her clients achieve optimal health and wellness. With 5 years of experience in the field since 2018, she has honed her expertise in various massage modalities to provide tailored treatments for each individual. 

Michelle’s expertise is in Swedish technique and deep-tissue massage, which provides successful relief to patients suffering from many conditions including shoulder, neck pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, migraine, pregnancy, and piriformis syndrome. Michelle's goal is to assist patients in achieving optimal wellness by relieving pain resulting from injury and life stresses. 

Michelle continues to expand her knowledge about nutrition and health care and aromatherapy. Her warm and sincere approach to massage, and her passion for the therapy and her passion for the therapy make her an obvious choice to be your massage therapist!

Ming-Hsueh (Michelle) Hu
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