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Iek in (Cassis) Chan

Registered Massage Therapist

As a 7-year experienced Massage Therapist since 2016, Iek in is dedicated to providing quality therapeutic massages with utmost care for her clients' overall health and wellness. Excelling in building an efficient working practice while collaborating with other Massage Therapists, she is a self-disciplined health professional who upholds moral ethics, contributing to a positive view of the industry.

She has successfully established and maintained excellent professional relationships with clients, ensuring a higher number of repeat clientele. Taking a proactive approach to client care, she develops appropriate after-treatment home remedial exercises or care plans, empowering clients to improve their conditions.

Her well-rounded training includes expertise in Chair massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, stone massage, body stretching and ROM, and prenatal/side-lying massage. With experience in spa services, stone therapy, CPR, and reflexology, she brings a comprehensive skill set to enhance the services she provides. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to the well-being of her clients through a personalized and holistic approach to massage therapy.

Iek in (Cassis) Chan
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