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Questionary: if you feel depressed for a few days, Can you check your Right inner thigh?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Do you feel it tight and the fascia feels adhesion or lumpy

From my personal experience, every time I feel very blue, my R inner thigh is always very tight, and after I release that fascia adhesion, I feel my sunshine back. I see things more positively, and easily feel happy for no reason.

And I had some clients who feel that when they work hard and stress, then R’s inner thigh (adductors) feel very uncomfortable.

In TCM anatomy, the middle inner thigh is the liver line, the liver stores blood, and supplies the heart.

if the liver line is tight, the heart’s energy is low. and heartbeat rate affects the happy or sad as some research shows.

If you are interesting try to slowly and deeply massage R’s inner thigh, maybe make you happy for a while. It will need some trigger point techniques, and when you feel some radiate to your IT band will work better

If you feel works, give me a feedback

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