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Paediatric Tui-Na for The Common Cold

Common Cold 


The common cold is the most common disease in pediatrics. It occurs at any time when the climate suddenly changes. when climate changes. It manifests as fever, headache, a stuffy and runny nose, sneeze, cough and general malaise. The infantile common cold is usually concurrent with phlegm, stagnation and fright.



The infant has tender viscera, thin skin, insecurity of defensive gi, and fragile regulation of warm and cold, and thus he/she tends to be invaded by external pathogens.


Syndrome Differentiation:

1 Wind-cold common cold

2 Wind-heat common cold

3 Complications

a.Concurrent with phlegm

b.Concurrent with stagnation

c.Concurrent with fright

Research proved:

Pediatric tuina for the treatment of fever in children

Tuina for children with upper respiratory tract infections 


How can Pediatric Tui-Na Massage help?

  • The acupuncturist will do a TCM assessment(check the tongue and the pulse), with the syndrome differentiation. then do a Tui-Na massage with a prescription of acupressure points.

  • For the best result, the parents can help the children massage a few times in-home until the next visit.

Insurance Covered:

This service can be covered by acupuncture insurance.

and we can do Direct Billing as well


Our Pediatric Tui-Na Massage Team


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