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As a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, asthma is characterized by multiple symptoms, the tendency to relapse, reversible airway obstruction, and bronchial spasms.
It is the most common chronic disease in childhood.


Congenital deficiency, weak constitution, attack referral pathogens: Chronic asthma weakens lungs, spleen, and kidneys with accumulated dampness and phlegm in the respiratory tract and body.


Syndrome Differentiation:

  • Cold 

  • Heat

  • Kidney deficiency

  • Lung deficiency


Research proved:

Massage Therapy in Children with Asthma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

The efficacy of Tuina for asthma

How can Pediatric Tui-Na Massage help?

  • The acupuncturist will assess the tongue and take the pulse, with the syndrome differentiation. then do a Tui-Na massage with a prescription of acupressure points.

  • Every treatment will have a new prescription of massage, depending on the TCM assessment.

  • For the best result, the parents can help the children massage a few times in-home until the next visit. 

Insurance Covered:
This service can be covered by acupuncture insurance.
and we can do Direct Billing as well
Our Padiatric Tui-Na Massage Team

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