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Aishwarya Lakshmanan

Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Lakshmanan graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Neuroscience and Psychology before pursuing her naturopathic education. She graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, gaining her four-year post-graduate Doctor of Naturopathy Degree (ND) and completing a 12-month clinical internship at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic, LAMP Community Clinic, and the Brampton Naturopathic Teaching Clinic. She has seen over 400 patients.

Her experience includes, but is not limited to: Digestive issues, Gastrointestinal health, Fatigue, Headaches, Skin conditions, Stress management, Allergies, Autoimmune conditions, Sleep disorders, Hormone and women's health, Pain management

Aishwarya Lakshmanan
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