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What can make massage and acupuncture treatment effective?

The key is to Find the River and Direction

Meridian line like a river. When you get a massage or acupuncture, you may always feel some radiate pain. That means you already feel the river.

So Chinese Medicine develops all the maps of rivers.

So for example, if you have neck pain, we use the map, know what river you blocked,

And take a pulse or touch the skin layers can know what direction is blocked. upstream or downstream, So we check up or down, maybe the top of your head, or your mid-back fascial adhesion cause your neck pain.

Also if you have pain for a week, is a new block in the river, we can choose to treat it closer to the pain area

If pain for a long time, we will find a trigger point far away from your pain area, even your hands or feet. when you feel a radiate pain, then the neck pain is much better. Means block removed.

So sometimes your pain it hard to release by directly working on the pain area, If you choose this way to target the root, will be great for your chronic problem

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