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Spring in Chinese Medicine

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Spring is liver season.Maybe because spring is growing season, our liver more work on produce more hormone. So very easy to angry and anxious. sensitive with noisy as well. digestion issue, ear infection.

more neck and shoulder tight, from the wind

light flavours And Sprout is best seasonal food.

no ginger or fruit

if you eat too much ginger, you may have extra heat in the head, after wind blow, easy get neck shoulder spasm, then headache

from too Much fruit, or vinegar , You may feel a bad temper, making you liver stress, squeeze some chemicals make you easy too angry.

weather is warm, you also need drink warm. Outside warm and inside warm, balanced.

drink some Chrysanthemum tea, eat some artichoke will be release your stress. again No spicy in spring. make your more angry, hard sleep, red eye or iches, more easy allergies.

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