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Nature probiotic——Red tofu, the tofu for heart health

this is Fermented red tofu. In Summer, the heart will be working hard, and because of the heat and humidity, you may try this tofu for your heart. In TCM, red colour food is good for the heart.

Also, it helps balance the flora in the intestine. People have diarrhea or bloating, and constipation, this tofu can help too.

And it is very yummy, you can eat it like blue cheese with bread, it is salty.

Just a trick: mix with sesame paste or peanut butter, eat like a bugger sauce, or make a coat with chicken wings and then fry. It smells super good.

Monascus purpureus is the yeast used commercially in the production of blood cholesterol-lowering statins. It is fungus most important because of its use in the form of red yeast rice in the production of fermented food in China. Discoveries of cholesterol-lowering statins produced by this would have prompted research into its possible medical uses.

Find it at your local Asia supermarket and ask for assistance.

Try the one called Rose Red tofu, a little sweet and rose smell.

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