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How Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs Work on Meridian Lines

A few months ago, I felt a lot of palpitations during sleep after the 3rd vaccine. Checked with the doctor, and nothing is wrong. From Chinese Medicine diagnosis, I was told to increase the circulation in the heart meridian line. After the needles I started to feel a heat radiate on my right palm heart line, then I got a few days of good sleep. After ate the herbs pills they gave me, I also felt the right-hand palm radiate heat again, the same feeling with needles. Then the symptom gets less and less.

That is how TCM works on the Meridian line. Meridian lines are just like drive-thru and so acupuncture and herbs work on meridian lines, then will drive into the organs.

Introduce our experienced TCM Practitioners

Faye is a resident pediatric doctor before in China, she is familiar with Western medicine theory, and she will consider the idea from both East and West medicine.

Anna, she is born into a Traditional Chinese Medicine family. When she was 6 years old, her grandpa already let her memorize all the acupuncture points and herb prescriptions.

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