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Breast health and Massage

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Shoulder blade knots and breast health? (1)

In Chinese Medicine, there is a slang "肩胛一颗结,乳腺一条梗" means "if there is one knot on shoulder blade area, and then they're gonna be a ropy and cord-like tissue in the breast."

when the shoulder blade tight will push the rib forward then decrease circulation to the chest area muscle.

When I talked with some massage therapists and physiotherapists, they have some idea, when they found it hard to release the chest area muscle, then try to release the shoulder blade area will help a lot.

A strong heart and breast health? (2)

In TCM research, deep massage or press on the shoulder blade 5min will increase blood flow in the heart muscle. Heart energy is very important for breast health. Help warm the muscle and tissue of the chest area, and help to flash "river"(maybe describe hormones) not overstay in the chest area make the chest pain and swollen before period, "river" should be going down to help with woman period smooth.

And I already asked three people who have breast cancer, it is a coincidence that they all say when they young, their heart area often feels uncomfortable or spasm. And shoulder neck always feels tight and cold.

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