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After Long Time Sitting or Driving, These Muscles Will Need a Deep Massage

People always complain that sitting makes them feel sore in the back, or very uncomfortable in the glutes and legs. After a long time of sitting, because of decreased circulation, and muscle adhesion, you very feel muscles tight and sore, even feel nerve pain and a burning sensation.

The best way is deeply and carefully massage and clean all the adhesion around muscles been pressed for a long time sitting or driving, making overall better circulation for your muscles and nerves.

Why choose a Registered Massage Therapist

  • who has completed a 2-3 years college program and has the competencies necessary to safely and effectively offer massage therapy services;

  • provides a receipt that will be accepted by your extended health benefits plan for reimbursement (provided your plan covers massage therapy). Also, Massage therapy is an eligible medical expense on your tax return in Ontario

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still team
still team
May 06, 2023

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