Research-Based Massage Treatment
Period pain

Do you know that is massage therapy may reduce your period pain(primary dysmenorrheal)?

In Swedish massage therapy, period pain is from abdominal and lower back muscles spasms, and adhesions, so it just can just release all the muscles, make the muscles circulation better, then next time when your period comes, will not that pain and discomfort.


In TCM tuina massage therapy, we check the different meridian lines to know what line blocking, treat with a hand as well, not only period pain better, also other discomforts before your period: the tenderness of breast, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, other muscles pain all can be better as well. Because the blocking fo meridian line make period river not flow


Based on my experience, I already treated a few people with period pain, the purpose of massage is not for period pain, most time for stress or digestion I provide treatment on the belly and back 2-3 times, then the client report that the period pain has gone. Before is very painful every time.


If you want to book an appointment for period pain (primary dysmenorrheal):

1. you must see doctors before, make sure your organs are fine if you have bad period pain. or ask your doctor's opinion

2. book an appointment 5-7 days before your period, when you start feeling low back or another discomfort. and in TCM massage is the way to increase the blood going down to your lower body part, if working well, the period should become 1-2 days earlier. that count a course of the treatment. or get 2-3 times massage before one period, will better.



Based on the research of tui-na massage therapists in TCM

1. based on different research, one course of treatment has an effective rate of 55%, and four courses of treatment have a total effective rate of 89.5%. The cure rate (no recurrence in one year) reached 16%-63.63% from different massage routines

2. from the research, treatment shoulder provided 5-7 days before period, and a course of treatment should be done every day or every other day until period

3. there is research showing massage can change chemicals in serum and uterine tissue.

《Impacts of abdominal vibration tuina therapy on primary dysmenorrheal in the rat models》

The abdominal vibration tuina therapy achieves significant effects on primary dysmenorrheal and its mechanism is probably through regulating the levels of PGF 2α and PGE2 in the serum and uterine tissue and inhibiting the expression of PTGFR in the endometrium.


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