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Night Crying

Night crying is a kind of disease in which infants are restless, cry on and off, in the evening, or cry at a certain time in the evening and even cry all through the night, while they are quiet and fall asleep during the day. It is much more common in infants less than 6 months. Sufficient sleep is essential to infantile health. If infants cry too much such that they do not have enough sleep, their growth and development will be affected.


  • A common cause is abdominal pain of spleen cold

  • Internal disturbance of heart-heat

  • Panic-stricken


Treatment focus :

  • warming spleen to dispel cold, inducing sedation and tranquilization.

  • clearing heart fire and dispelling heat, and inducing sedation and tranquilization.

  • inducing sedation and tranquilization.


How Pediatric Tui-Na Massage can help?

The acupuncturist will do an assessment check togue and take the pulse, with the syndrome differentiation. then do a Tui-Na massage with a prescription of acupressure points. 

Acupuncture Insurance Covered:

This service can be Covered by Acupuncture insurance.

and we can do Direct Billing as well


Our Pediatric Tui-Na Massage Team

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