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Treatment for Headache

Treatment  for headache


This is experience from my massage treatment and what I learn from TCM


  • back of headache(feel cold, catch wind from cold weather or A/C)

  • temporal headache(tension headache or feel cold and warm, heat flash, more from the female period, or overuse eye, or sleep too late)

  • Front headache(headache with dizziness or nausea, more from digestion issues)


the treatment I learned or heard from school or other therapists:

the trigger point for muscles around the head, 

release neck muscles scalene, and SCM, press the nerves on the back of the neck, cause headaches

muscles massage and exercise program for scalene and SCM muscles


I learned from TCM meridian line

  • three lines all from head to toes

  • Acupuncture or acupressure will treat feet for headache

  • assess different meridian line 

    1. bladder line for the back of headache

    2. gallbladder line for temporal headache

    3. stomach line for front headache



Will take a pulse, and assess muscle to found blocking area, or Muscles very tight from head to toes.

Then treat most ropy or knot areas.

Most times people feel headaches better after 3-5 times. 


It like posture problems, feet tight or gluts back tight will all make you're leaning forward then you neck muscle has more pressure to support your neck, then press the nerves



Will similar, find which line blocking, then maybe focus on your line, maybe put the needle on head back or  feet, 


In TCM, we say” good TCM treat headache will always treat feet.”


Warning or must know

Each patient will respond to treatment differently. We can’t guarantee result

We do not recommend you use this technique, treat yourself

only. You must see a doctor or health practitioner for advice and assessment

Headache may from different dangerous conditions from heart, brain, or cancer, Must see doctors before you get massage or acupuncture treatment

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