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Treatment for TMJ

How we can help you with TMJ problems


Swedish Massage Therapy 

We have special treatment for TMJ, which will include massage around the face area and oral treatment for releasing the massage deep inside your TMJ area.


Tui-na Massage

In TCM, from my experience, most people have digestion issues as well as stress


So we will also focus on the mid-back and stomach areas can get the treatment more effective. Sometime after deep release back muscle or stomach, clients already feel better for their jaw. 

Then we start to release the Jaw muscle will be easier

so serious case, people hard to open mouse, I found that when I release the belly muscle around the stomach, then client feels much better, can open mouse more



A small needle will go directly to the very deep muscle, a very neat technique. and also focus on assessment from TCM, found the meridian line blocking and organs balance as well. That may help you with other symptoms as well. 


For example, stomach line blocking may also give you bad dreams during sleep, and teeth grinding in the night

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