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Abdominal massage is beneficial for people with chronic digestion issues like acid reflux, bloating, and diarrhea.

there is research in Tianjin Dongli Chinese Medicine Hospital, showing massage treatment work on 56 atrophic gastritis patients, they all have lumps under the skin on their belly muscles, they got massage treatment 15-30 sessions on superficial belly muscles, cured 28 cases, Total effective rate of 96.5%.

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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Do you feel it tight and the fascia feels adhesion or lumpy

From my personal experience, every time I feel very blue, my R inner thigh is always very tight, and after I release that fascia adhesion, I feel my sunshine back. I see things more positively, and easily feel happy for no reason.

And I had some clients who feel that when they work hard and stress, then R’s inner thigh (adductors) feel very uncomfortable.

In TCM anatomy, the middle inner thigh is the liver line, the liver stores blood, and supplies the heart.

if the liver line is tight, the heart’s energy is low. and heartbeat rate affects the happy or sad as some research shows.

If you are interesting try to slowly and deeply massage R’s inner thigh, maybe make you happy for a while. It will need some trigger point techniques, and when you feel some radiate to your IT band will work better

If you feel works, give me a feedback

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When your rabbit sits like a hen laying on her eggs, it means they are not comfortable with its stomach. For rabbits, you must take action. Most of the time if they stop eating or poop for 24 hours, you better take them to the Vet as soon as possible. My rabbits give us stress a few times. First, we do is massage.

We have so much experience, with rabbit massage. Most suggestions from Vet or online all that massage rabbit belly. Because:

Our second rabbit Cooper has a bad ear infection, which causes head tilt, then we found that when his digestion is well, he can stand much better. So for two years, my wife massages his belly and stretches his neck for releasing the gas almost every day for one or two hours at least.

She found that belly massage does not work well, and also makes it worse, Some people report the same as well, that massaging the belly too often may make rabbit intestines weaker.


The best way is to massage the erector muscles close to their spine and use your fingers to find the knots in their erector muscles.

Gently slowly press and knead, or just press on it, and wait, until you feel the knot soft or disappear. Don’t push too quickly or too hard, or the rabbit will be sore the next day, and they will don’t like you touching them.

If their stomach is not happy, the knots will be on their mid-back, if the poops are small, the knots will be on their lower back area. Like small bubbles.

My wife put it on Chinese social media like Facebook, and just for a month, 20-30 bunny owners told her, that very helpful. Before they all tried belly massage but not effective as a massage on spine muscles.

Right now I spend 5-10min massaging my rabbit’s back, then the next day he poops or eats better.


Probiotic is very helpful, some good brand works fast, and some will need feed for one or two weeks.

the Timothy Pellet is very helpful if you have a digestion problem rabbit.

Most pellets have grain or starch and sugar, which will damage rabbit digestion in the end.

So pellets are better made with grass only. It is pricy, but it is very good for rabbit health.

This is Jerried from JCJ Massage Therapy. If you have a lot of questions and concerns, you can bring your rabbit, and book a short session with me, I can teach the techniques to you in my clinic.

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