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Nerve Flossing Massage: When you feel numb and radiate pain

When people feel numb and nerve radiate and the pain on and off for a long time will be very annoying, if the numb and radiate pain does not go away, people feel scared. Most time massage can really help.

Most case people feel numb and nerve pain, it is from muscle or connect tissue adhesive or scar tissue, and causing pressure on nerves. When have too much adhesion, the area will feel like knots, or bump-like a mosquito bite, then the nerve pain stay.

So massage is just kneading the bump until it is smaller, then feel your muscle and the nerve, most time we can feel a knot like sesame, small bean, or a flat round patch, between your muscle and nerve. It is like polish the rusty parts. Or small surgery. Then the numb and radiate pain much better. Or we need to keep moving to follow all the nerves, looking for the adhesion part. From finger to neck, or toe to lower back.

In some severe cases, like nerve damage, massage still can help increase circulation, help recover faster, and avoid adhesion and scar tissue when you are not moving enough

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People may have chronic joint pain and inflammation, you may think about some supplements. It can help a lot. Sometime my thumb pain, or my wife ankle old injury , we will eat some after meal, pain gone in a week.

But people feel lot of bloating after that. I graduated from Tianjin Medical university in Pharmacy,we learned half west medicine, and half chinese herb medicine, I give you some idea how to choose the smooth one for your stomach.

The key is Sulfate or Hydrochioride, very simple:

Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate will be better

Glucosamine Hydrochioride, Chondroitin Hydrochlorid , are more bloating.

FYI: In TCM, Sulphur is "Fire in the Fire", is a very warm chemical in herb as well. It is like you cook something bitter vegetable(in TCM is cold) put Ginger to balance. Maybe that's the reason.

By Jerried Yang RMT since 2015

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Sleep direction and your health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, most are the energy balance and material base.

There is one of the greatest TCM doctors Simiao Sun(541-682). Said:" for human,head toward the east in Spring and Summer, toward the west in Fall and Winter." He lives 141 years old

Because the sun will lead energy, we follow the sun. In spring and summer head east will help wake up early, do more exercise and increase metabolism, sweat and detox. Good for energy balance.

In fall and winter, people need deeper sleep to store energy and repair body. Good for body material base. Like tree grow roots in winter. Next year we will more energy

I tried different directions for many years. I feel this way is very good for me.

By Jerried Yang RMT since 2015

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