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Frozen Shoulder

“Pain is not our Friend”

One morning, you can’t lift your arm, then every day worse and worse, and you start to feel pain during sleep as well, And you don’t know what happened.

Research shows, Frozen Shoulder, Acute and Subacute stages can be last up to ten months, and Chronic symptoms can last even five to ten years

A lot of people give up treatment because the treatment is not pleasant and the improvement very slow

Some small group of the research found that the pain makes the nerve system freeze the shoulder for guarding, the pain also causes inflammation and swelling in the joint, the fluid press the nerve, then make shoulder more freeze, It looks like a system bug in for our shoulder joint

So the hard part is how to reduce the fluid and pressure in the joint without pain. There are some acupressure points and special massage techniques that can reach the goals.

This is Jerried from JCJ Massage Therapy.

During my years of practice and keep learning, I found a way can help people release pain, and improve their range of motion more effectively.

It is combined with Swedish massage and massage techniques in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I am so happy that can help people release pain, they can get an improvement of range of motion after treatments. and that is what we do.

So I hope more people can see this, and come to JCJ Massage Therapy at St Claire West & Dufferin to try this special massage treatment. Maybe I can help you as well.

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if you sleep light or wake up early, Left foot(for better digestion)

if you hard to fall asleep, or wake up before 3 pm, Right foot.(for liver store and process blood)

trial: I use an apple watch to monitor my sleep, every time I massage my Left foot for 20min, my deep sleep time will increase to more than 2 hours before my deep sleep time only 40min around. I had bad digestion

when I feel hard to sleep, or coffee afternoon, I massage my right foot.

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In Fengshui, live different positions of the house may change a life.

What I learn is couples who want to create a Business must need live west-north side of the house, it can give you more energy to do that.

Just personal experience, before I live west position, I don’t want to work more than 4days, I feel like I need more time for rest and fun.

Last year I moved an apartment, the bedroom is west-north side. In Fengshui said, position will change your mind in 3years. After one year, I work 6 days a week now

I feel ok. I still learning and doing my research in massage, also running my Business ok as well. I don’t feel tired and pressured. I feel I like it.

I also feel if I retired will be boring, just eat and watch TV, I can’t play video games or travel all the time.

OK! If I still live west-north, that will be the rest of my life.

I feel like I am burning myself. That is totally not me before that.

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