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Neck pain and Dinner

People come to get a massage because can not move their neck in the morning, 7 years I asked everyone.

“big dinner yesterday?” 90% “yes, how do you know that? “

I read a book that said in TCM 85% neck and shoulder pain, practitioners will treat digestion as well.

If you are neck and shoulder uncomfortable all the time, the first time is to make sure to finish your dinner before 7 pm.

other things, you may need to think about other habits not good for your digestion.

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You may already know

SCM release is very helping chronic migraines.

I found almost every case have a knot on SCM. If you have a good hand, very easy to find.

Normally have 2or3 small knot like sesames, press on it will radiate to headache area. Slowly releasing. If that is the main reason, will be no headache for a while.

During headache, may not working, need find other Trps around neck and head

Off course:

See doctors first, if have other conditions, be careful, carotid sinus very close. Don’t do it both side together.


My plan is sharing 81 articles for people reducing pain, Main reason is that “make people less worry and pain, my family including my rabbit heathy and long live”

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For People have small veins

when you take a blood test, the nurse will have a hard time finding your veins, then cause you to get a lot of pain.

I found it with one of my clients together, when I do some honey treatment for her arm pain, the next day she has a blood test, she told me my treatment make blood test very easy that time

After a few years, last week, she mentioned to me, every time she goes to the hospital to do a blood test, she will do this trick one day before, even she told this trick to the nurse, hope can help others

Honey treatment is from TCM massage therapy.

Use one spoon of fluid honey, spread on your arm, use your other palm to keep on and off your arm, like waxing yourself. keep slowly.

When your skin starts red, done

or honey become dry and not sticky, done.

Must use a warm towel or warm water clean, keep warm for one hour at least, don’t touch any cold stuff that may cause a bad spasm or pain in the arm or hand.

The next day your veins will very easy to find out


if too much pain, stop!!!

If you do too much or too quick, maybe the skin chafe, cause infection


if you have any skin condition, or fragile skin like diabetes, or your skin easy to bruise. Stop!!!


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