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Treatment for getting better sleep

Treatment for getting better sleep


Spring, a lot of people have digestion issues with sleep issues as well. Maybe this can help you


If you have a sleep tracker will be good, Apple Watch or Fitbit. you can try and give me feedback, it can work


Because I found this can increase my deep sleep time from 40min to 2.5 hours most of the time


In TCM, there is a different type of organ unbalance mode for sleep issues, but Most treatments for sleep problems focus on digestion


bloating stomach or intestine can press other organs, make people hard to relax, can’t get deep sleep.


Work on your left foot. Find the muscle between bones, clear knots on it. Better deep massage it at least 20min.


Then next day check your sleep tracker


This is only for better digestion and gets more deep sleep time


If you have another issue, like hard to fall asleep, or wake up at a different time, wake up early, restless sleep, in TCM is from different organ unbalance or meridian line blocking. 


For example, the last Fall, I woke up at 4 am for two weeks, I found my Lung meridian line blocking, then I massage follow lung meridian line myself, then start getting better, after 3 times, I can sleep until 7 am


For tui-na massage or acupuncture we need more assessment like taking pulses to check your tongue, to find what caused that.  


If I found a more easy self-massage way I will make more videos later



Warning or must know


Each patient will respond to treatment differently. We can’t guarantee result


but we recommend if you have sleep issue, get treatment or find help earlier.

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