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Bedwetting refers to involuntary urination in children over three years of age occurring most often during sleep at night. In children under three years old, bedwetting is not considered an illness.


Some patients have had this problem for years, continuing into later childhood. This causes them severe embarrassment and many may attempt to conceal their condition, thus developing emotional stress. In such cases after some time, they may become uncommunicative and moody.



insufficient development of the cerebrospinal cord coupled with a lack of forming good habits regarding the regular and timely voiding of urine.


Clinical articles have shown that TCM Tui-Na massage could regulate and improve brain function, promote brain development, and transmit signals to the brain and viscera through the spinal nerve root reflex. 


Treatment Focus: warming the kidneys and securing the essence(in TCM theory)


How can Pediatric Tui-Na Massage help?

  • The acupuncturist will assess the tongue and take the pulse, with the syndrome differentiation. then do a Tui-Na massage with a prescription of acupressure points. 

  • For the best result, the parents can help the children massage a few times in-home until the next visit. 

Insurance Covered:

This service can be Covered by Acupuncture insurance.

and we can do Direct Billing as well


Our Pediatric Tui-Na Massage Team

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