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JCJ Massage Therapy 

JCJ Massage Therapy was founded by Jerried and his wife Jiayi. JCJ is a combination of Jerried and Jiayi. And the C in the middle is from their 2 adorable baby bunnies named Chestnut and Cooper. 
These 2 lovely babies are loved and adored as they have their own personality and they are Jerried and Jiayi's pride and joy.

 The clinic has always been family-owned and operated since 2017.  We like our clients to feel as if they’ve come home to people who care about them.

Our staff are a dedicated team of experienced massage and acupuncture professionals combining over 10 years of RMT service as well as acupuncture, cupping, Naturopathy, counselling, Tui- Na Massage and Pediatric Acupuncture.

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